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Hapoel Holon is a basketball club based in Holon, Israel. They play in the top division of Israeli basketball.


Hapoel Holon is currently one of the most prestigious clubs in Israel. There is no more decisive proof of this than the 2008 & 2022 seasons, when the Israeli League championship were won, and the 2009 & 2018 seasons when the Israeli Cup were won (and 2021 Balkan league championship). However, to reach this level of success, the Club has had to take many steps, sometimes small other times gigantic, since its foundation in the distant year of 1947. This year the club has won again the Israeli Cup and came 2nd to the final championship title.

Hapoel Holon is among the four clubs which their games are most broadcasted in leading Israeli TV channels, due to the club’s colorful, warm and extraordinary atmosphere. There is also the professional interest point: Hapoel Holon is a sports club which creates attractive basketball games, that delight mass audiences whether they are club fans or not.



The club’s history has been built on a series of values that the club and team have been demonstrating throughout its development. These values constitute our DNA and our identity, and therefore form the elements that make us a unique sporting and business project, both at a national and international level:


Friendship & Determination


Ambition: We always work with the intention of achieving the maximum and going beyond the achievements that have already been reached, so that we also help our partners to reach their objectives.

Innovation: We think of innovation as a means of differentiating ourselves in the market, while we maintain our identity. Everyone working as a team is essential to

us when it comes to reaching our objectives.


Reliability: Our past shows the soundness of our project, in both a sporting and business sense, that always fights for the maximum and has become an example of good management.

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